You may see the images of this land and think it is purely agricultural? Yes, you are correct for now. It is a beautiful, fertile piece of land that features good rice farming and diversified agriculture.

However, we would like you to cast your thoughts ahead, maybe 2 years or so, and consider this proximity, 8 Km’s, to the New Sam Phrao University, where it is anticipated 25,000 students will attend for University studies. 25,000 students plus all associated workforce such as teachers, maintenance, catering, administration and all those involved in the operational process. Many will need accommodation, either as compact 1 bedroom units, family housing or a village lifestyle. Yes, you may think it is wishful thinking, yet we would like to point out that land nearer to the new University (within 5 Km’s) is already being advertised, and sold, at 5 Million THB + per Rai. At this low price, consider what a few years of investment will add to the property?

On the other hand, even if this land was to be used as agricultural, an average price of ~120,000 per Rai is “extremely good value”, especially when you consider others are advertising at much higher prices.

This is one fine piece of land that has the opportunity whichever way you look at it.

We do ask that you call Duean +66943738998 or email her to arrange a viewing.

Our opinion, “Great Potential”


Property Features

  • 10 Km's to Sam Phrao University
  • 24 Km's to Udon Thani city centre
  • 8.8 Km's to Sam Phrao University
  • Electricity and water accessible from road frontage
  • Excellent investment opportunity
  • Fertile land at a reasonable price
  • Road access
  • Think of investment growth 4 - 5 years ahead.