Located a short 1.5 Km’s to Mittraphap Road (HWY 2) in the comfortable city of Non Sung, this 4 Rai, 36 Sq. Wah of Leveled land opens the door for large home builders, land developers, produce farmers or traditional Thai crop growers. With front of the land being 65 Mt’s wide and extending back 100 Mt’s it is truly a great opportunity to use your imagination, given the proximity to large cities and major highways. Featuring a large pond, 35 Mt’s x 25 Mt’s to a depth of 7 Mt’s it also features a 3 Mt. cement retaining wall around the top alleviating erosion. A 3 Mt. stairway is attached allowing safe entry and exit to the pond.

A small enclosed cement building is erected which can be used to accommodate a storeroom, workers cottage, garage or whichever you choose. With electricity available, a variety of trees and a lovely shaped block, this piece of land should appeal to many. The soil is rich and fertile for farming and if for building, has been leveled for 5+ years making it very compact and ready to build.

The major city of Udon Thani is a mere 20 minutes drive away on major Highway 2, so if you’re searching for a larger block with plenty of space and want to escape concrete and noise, then this should be on your ‘To view list”.

Non Sung is a great friendly Tambon with most shopping and convenient stores. Many class it as the entrance to Udon Thani city coming from the south.

To view this fine and prime land, please contact Duean (Thai and English), +66943738998 Line ID kcde041110 or email her duean@isanrealestate.com




Property Features

  • 1.5 Km's to Hwy 2 (Mittraphap Rd)
  • 25 Mt. x 35 Mt. x 7 Mt. Deep with 3 Mt. Step for easy access and safety.
  • Boundary fencing
  • Electricity and water available
  • Leveled land for 5 years
  • Located just minutes to beautiful Non Sung
  • Small cottage or storeroom erected
  • Terrific shaped block
  • Would suit developers and large home builders or specialty produce farmers