We are very delighted to offer this lovely 40 Rai, 76 Sq. Wah of excellent irrigated land in Nong Kok Kod, Phang Khon District in an area very suitable for multi purpose agricultural or business operations.

Located on a sealed road, the front of this slightly rectangle title is approximately 100 wide, 500+ metres long and raised higher than the road. Being so close to the large district irrigation system, the land has concrete canals where required to supply water all year round. Several ponds also feature on this land with small huts to allow for relaxing whilst fishing.

We consider this land would be ideal, for not only farmers, but also investors and developers due to its access to facilities nearby. For the farmer, consider dairy cows, pigs, poultry, coconut groves, a mixed orchard or whatever you desire. You have the water at your disposal all year-long. For investors, the “choice is yours” with a very large 40+ Rai to plan your project.

Currently, there is no residence located on the property, however, being a freehold title, you could quite easily build as there is solid, settled ground available for foundations and home establishment.

As with most life experiences, the owners have decide to move on, and as such, allowed us the opportunity to represent the property on their behalf.

Chaiaek, will be negotiating with genuine via email chaiaek@isanrealestate.com, +66956611001 or connect@isanrealestate.com


Property Features

  • 1 Large 40+ Rai block
  • Access from 2 roads
  • Electricity and water nearby ready to connect
  • Large ponds
  • Price very negotiable
  • Sealed Road frontage